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Name: BZ-400 Vacuum packaging machine(vedio)
Code: N201314162842
Material: stainless steel
Model: BZ-400
Features: stainless steel

Price: Current Price

Product name: BZ-400 Vacuum packaging machine

Product Numbers: N2010112171253

Product material: stainless steel

The product model: DZ–400

Detailed introduction:

voltage: 220-240V/50HZ

The total power: 750W

row oxygen 20m3/hr

Vacuum crush: 0.66KPa

package sizes: 1070×690×1000mm

weight: 150kg

Feature: Vacuum preservation packaging for food, tea, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cold meat, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and other electronic products.

1. Eliminate some oxygen in the packaging container, can effectively prevent food spoilage.
2. Use excellent tight pack materials and strict sealing technology.
3. Can effectively prevent exchange of package materials, means that you can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and also prevent secondary pollution.
4. Eliminate oxygen, accelerate the heat transfer, which can improve the thermal disinfection efficiency, avoid packaging container breakdown due to the expansion of gas when heat sterilization.

When the double chamber vacuum machine is working, the cover can move around (two stations), productivity can be doubled.

The vedio of the machine


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