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Zhaoqing City Dinghu District Dingcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing City Dinghu  Jingcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: MingLe road Dinghu district Zhaoqing city Guangdong Province
Tel: 0758-2627918 0758-2627008
Fax: 0758-2627008  
DC-301Multi-function vegetable cutting machineDC-305 Double-inverter vegetable cutterDST-8 corm washer and peeler ( video)DC-312 Vegetable cutter for rootstockDST-8L corm washer
Burger patty forming machines(video)sushi & rice ball forming machinesAlmond peeling machine TP-180/TP-100Sweet doughnut machine(maker)waffle maker
DHW the large vertical of meat cutterPeanut peeling machine TP-200Automatic filling layer cake machine(video)PG - 100 ribs chop cutter (vedio)The large-type of meat dicer (vedio)
Garlic clove separator DF-400( video)Garlic peeling machine DS - 100 (dry off)DHE meat slicing machine with pulleyfish skinner TP-50( video)Meatball forming machine (with hot water tank)DC-18C

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Zhaoqing City Dinghu Jingsheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
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